Neck Gun?

Yes, I AM Happy To See You

I almost always wear a small Buck 860 neck knife that I reviewed back in October of last year.  Whether opening a box, or cutting up my chicken breast for lunch, it is a very functional little tool.

I am a big fan of the North American Arms Mini-Revolver and often carry one either in my pocket, or in a basket-weave, wet-molded, belt holster that I made.  I reviewed it this past February.

The other day, I was talking to a friend who has access to a Kydex molding machine, and I mentioned that it would be pretty good to make a small, Kydex holster for the mini-revolver to hang upside down from my neck.  He told me of his idea...  Get a base for a quick detachable sling swivel, drill and tap the grip frame of the little revolver so that it fits the machine screw of the swivel base, and wear it on an elastic cord around the neck.  I like the basic concept, but not completely.

With the elastic cord, you have the benefit of just dropping the pistol and having it be secure... but I think that with as little of a secure grip you have already, that if you stretched the cord tight to shoot, it would interfere with your grip.  My modification to the idea is to use a dog tag chain.  If you need to use the gun, you just jerk it away from your body and the chain easily breaks.  I mentioned in my review that I used to know an old undercover cop who carried one around his neck, but his chain went through a hole drilled in the grip panels.  Using the screwed in sling swivel base will, I believe, give it a thinner profile and a better grip.

I'm going to try and pick up the swivels this weekend, and my buddy with the Kydex machine is going to get both of our guns drilled and tapped.  I'll let you know how it works.

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