Book Review: Holding Their Own II - The Independents

Holding Their Own II: The Independents, by Joe Nobody, Prepper Press, 2012 ($12.95)

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed Joe Nobody's first fiction work, Holding Their Own.  Tonight I review his sequel to that, "Holding Their Own II: The Independents"HTOII picks up right where the first book left off.  Joe Nobody gives us further insight into some of the major characters' backgrounds and allows us closer looks at some of the secondary characters.  Some new players are introduced and some get killed.

Much of the story takes place in the town near Bishop's retreat, and Bishop takes on a greater leadership role in the community.  The action is fierce and ongoing with gunfights, explosions, and all the other excitement that makes for a great adventure novel.  There is an exciting rescue mission to an outlaw headquarters, and a mission of mercy to a nearby college town that is under the control of  "the skinnies." It's not all "shoot 'em up" though.

There is plenty of story to support the action and make the book more realistic.  Bishop's family grows... commerce in the town plays a role... and we find out more of what is going on in nearby areas and across the country. 

Not all of the U.S. is in as bad a shape as west Texas.  It seems that parts of the country are under control of the military and the government, while other parts are under "The Independents," a new government, formed from leaders and military units that did not approve of the direction in which the country was heading after the collapse.  What does this have to do with Bishop?  Quite a bit as it turns out, but you'll have to read the book to find out exactly how.  Holding Their Own is shaping up to be a very compelling series, and I'm really looking forward to Holding Their Own III to see what happens next.

The book was given to me by the publisher to review.

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