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You Can Help Make If It Hits The Fan Better

I really enjoyed writing last night's post about silver in response to a reader question.  One of the reasons I do the blog is to try and help people.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to send them to me on email or on the Facebook page.  You can be as anonymous or as public as you want.

If you have any particular skill, experience or knowledge that you want to share, I'd love to put out a guest post from you.  Just type it up and send it to me in an email.  If you want to promote your own blog or business, include a link in your post and I'll be glad to help get your word out.

You Can Help Get The Word Out About If It Hits The Fan

I've had steady growth over the past three plus years of writing this, and I'm currently ranked in the mid 70s for most popular preparedness blogs.  I'd love to break into the Survival Top 50 by the end of this year (although we are #14 in the Readers' Choice poll, which is pretty darn cool).  To do that, I need to add a bunch of regular readers.  I've got something brewing for next month that should get me a huge spike, and hopefully I can keep a pretty large segment of the new visitors.  But you can also help.  At the bottom of each post are buttons for linking to the blog on Facebook, Twitter, Google +1 and a couple of other social media.  A simple click on one or two of those buttons to share a post that you like on your social media outlets will go a long way to adding new readers.  Leaving comments on posts will add to my Google Analytic ratings, as will putting links on different forums or other places you visit.  It also introduces If It Hits The Fan to new readers.

You Can Help Support If It Hits The Fan

In addition to my regular advertisers who pay a monthly fee to appear on If It Hits The Fan, I have affiliate programs with Survival Gear Bags, Emergency Essentials, Survival Magazine and Amazon.  If you plan to buy from any of those sellers, using the links on my page to enter their website will earn me a small commission and not cost you any additional.  Especially for Amazon... if you enter Amazon through one of my links or the icon for my Amazon store, you don't need to buy anything that I suggest, simply enter through me and then buy whatever you were planning to buy in the first place.  It's that easy.

Last but not least, please visit our great sponsors and advertisers and when you do, let them know that you heard about them at If It hits The Fan.


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