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I added three free apps to my iPhone today that might be of interest to you.

First is the Alex Jones Show app.  I have a long commute each day and typically listen to The Survival Podcast, and recently added Dave Ramsey and Alex Jones to my lineup.  Alex Jones is an interesting show.  He definitely sees a conspiracy behind every corner and in every shadow... but is he wrong?  I think he is on the right track with a lot of things, but carries it over the edge for entertainment purposes... but I really don't know.  I wouldn't put it past the powers that be for him to be accurate more often than not.  I used to listen to Art Bell on midnight shifts, and Alex Jones kind of reminds me of him in attitude if not in volume and tone.  Anyway, the app gives free access to the previous day's radio show, anytime you want to hear it.

Next up, I put on a FEMA app (it's right next to the Alex Jones app - do you think he felt a disturbance in the force when I did that?).  The app is pretty basic information, but it would be great for your friends or family that aren't preppers, but you are trying to get them on board.  This is a good baby step.  The app has disaster safety tips, a list for building a 72 hr. kit, instructions on applying for assistance after a disaster, maps to local emergency shelters, links to FEMA online media, and information on volunteering or donating before or after a disaster.

Finally, I downloaded Relief Central from Unbound Ministries.  This app is intended for folks who are going on relief or mission work trips to countries that have been through disaster or other problems.  It is also useful for helping prepare for any international travel.  It has direct links to the CIA World Factbook, a Field Operations Guide for disaster relief, and the CDC Yellow Book with risks for malaria and yellow fever by country.  I don't foresee much use for this for myself, but I have a couple friends currently in other countries who could have made use of it.

I "Heart" Radio is an app I've had for quite a while.  It allows you to listen live to many radio stations around the country, or you can set up your own personal "station" with whatever genre of music you happen to favor.  I've been using it to listen to the Cigar Dave radio show on Saturdays, but this week found that Dave Ramsey has begun his own channel where the continually rebroadcast the previous day's radio show.

Dillon Blue Press

Do you get the Dillon Blue Press?  It is a free digest-sized magazine put out by the Dillon Reloading folks.  Most of it is ads for their various great products, but each issue also includes a couple of interesting articles.  I got the current issue today and opened it up to find what is probably one of Jerry Ahern's last articles... on the Walther P-38.  I learned a few things from it that I didn't know.  You can find out more about the Blue Press here.

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