FEMA Ain't All Bad

This Is What FEMA Is Supposed To Do

I spent today in a FEMA class on Public Assistance Eligibility.  Back in the day, I always thought of FEMA as the federal agency that served to help local governments get their infrastructure and public operations back up after a massive disaster that overcomes the locality's abilities.  Not to pay for uninsured homeowners to get their roof repaired or for a private business to buy a generator after a storm because they are too trifling to get one ahead of time.  And certainly not to establish "camps" and manage martial law.

Anyway, this class was for local governments and political entities to learn how to correctly apply for federal assistance in rebuilding destroyed schools, washed out bridges, and overtime and bulldozer rental for debris removal.  It was a dry subject but pretty informative and could be useful in my regular job.

The next two days will be classes on Debris Management...  wish me luck (and lots of caffeine)!

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