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Did You Hear About The Latest Mass Shooting?

No, not the one that meets what the media and the powers that be want us to think about mass shootings. The one late Saturday night where a woman tried to gun down a group getting off of a Detroit riverboat casino and only seven people got shot. 

The media are spinning the Wisconsin one big time, trying to make hay with it coming on the back of Aurora.  I told my wife when it happened that I bet it ended up being a veteran who did not get an honorable discharge, was a racist, and got the Sikhs mixed up with Muslims.  The only place I got it wrong was I predicted an "assault weapon," but this freak just used a single 9mm pistol and changed magazines several times.  It all seems a little too convenient... a veteran (albeit not a combat vet, and received an other than honorable discharge), so Homeland Security has already said that we are prime candidates for domestic terrorism... a racist, that Southern Poverty Law Center claims to have been tracking for over 10 years, but they base that on his white supremacy rock band that he did not start until 2005 and that "he attempted to make a purchase" from a racist organization before that... he used a "legally purchased" 9mm pistol, despite having a couple of misdemeanor convictions... unlike the Giffords shooting and Aurora, he did not use an "evil, high capacity" 32-rnd Glock magazine, he apparently used several standard capacity magazines, and rapidly changed them - which I'm sure will be spun into the need to include all semi-autos in any future "assault weapon" ban

Maybe I'm paranoid or reading too much into this, but the dots connect.  Once is happenstance, twice coincidence, third time is enemy action.  Keep alert out there folks and stay vigilant about what is going on in the state house, congress and the White House.

What's Up With The Silly Grip?

Here's a video that the city of Houston has put out about surviving a workplace shooting.  I guess the basic information they present is good for the sheep out there who are not prepared, armed, or aware.  I don't present it here to give you information.  I want you to notice two things... at 59 seconds, the killer simply ignores the sign on the door barring concealed weapons - how dare he?  Now he's going to get a trespassing charge slapped on him - that'll teach him... and at 4:32 this new way of carrying a carbine at high ready with the stock barely on the shoulder, no cheek weld, no sight picture, and a loose, limp grasp on the pistol grip.  I started seeing this a couple of years ago, but it is becoming more and more prevalent.  I asked a friend "in the business" about it today and he had no explanation for why some do it that way.

Surviving Gunshot Wounds

Of all places, Business Insider just had an article on surviving gunshot wounds.  It is all in the medical technology and response.  One of the few benefits of war is terrific advances in trauma medicine.  Ever seen a Civil War doctor's bag?    It's no wonder Stonewall Jackson died from getting shot in the arm.


  1. Houston should be ashamed of themself. This is Texas, and they have people grabbing fire extinguishers and chairs? Really? This video could have been 15 seconds long: Shooter enters building, gets off one shot. Several repsonsible adults draw their weapon and take him out. The End.
    I can't beleive Texas is telling the sheep to just run around and bleat in a panic and look for a place to hide.

  2. the fbi is quoted on foxnews as " we can find no reason to further investigate the wisconsin shooter." can you say WTH? that is fedspeak for "we investigated but it led to one of our guys, oops". move along, nothing to see here, ignore the man behind the curtain...when have they EVER not investigated colonoscopy style? can you say okc? john-doe-number-three anybody?

  3. Dave - For sure!

    RiverRider - You are not supposed to remember JD#3. They got their men, ALL of the witnesses were just mistaken about the Arab that was with McVay. I've heard some other info about a second guy that seemed to be associated with the Wisconsin killer at the scene. Please look at this thing in my hand while I put on my sunglasses.


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