Prepper Blogs Crossover Questions, Part 4 of 5

National Preparedness Month Wrap Up Event

I'm excited to be a part of a program this week where each day, a group of bloggers will answer a particular prepping question, and link to each others' sites so that our readers can compare our answers and be exposed to other ideas. We also invite our readers to participate by answering the day's question in the blog comments section.

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Thursday's Question:

What firearms do you feel are most appropriate for long-term survival and why?

What a "loaded" question!  .45! 9mm! .357! Revolver! Semi Auto! 5.56! 7.62x51! 7.62x39!  Main Battle Rifle!  Assault Rifle! .22! Marlin! Ruger!   It can go on and on and you'll find "experts" who profess any and all of these as the best.

Some say get the same calibers and opperating systems as your local police or the military because either they will share ammo with you or you can scavange it from the bodies littering the streets... Really?

I've got a simple answer... get guns that will fit your needs, body, and budget.  Get the best you can and as much ammo as you can.  Also get training.  Not the afternoon CCW license class, but several days with thousands of rounds, transitions between weapons, shooting on the move and from cover, and real scenarios.

I live in the Eastern Woodlands.  I don't need a "sniper rifle" or a long range elk/moose rifle.  For hunting, a Winchester 94 in .44 magnum is great, or even a 12 gauge with #1 buckshot.  Even a .22 for a lot of small game.  For my rural home's defense, a 9mm semi auto carbine serves me well, but I also have a PTR91 in 7.62x51... but primarily because I have always lusted for a HK91.  For pistols, find the one that best fits your hand and that you can conceal... if that is what you want to do with it.  I have plenty of ammo for each, and always like to pick up some more now and then when I find a good deal or start running low.  I've been through hundreds of hours of good shooting training as a Marine, a cop, and a competition shooter... but I can always use a refresher or new techniques.

This works for me... what works for you will probably be different.

What firearms do YOU feel are most appropriate for long-term survival and why?


  1. well if i could only choose one it would be a ruger mk2 pencil barrel 22lr pistol(or a buckmark). i have killed just about every critter in va with mine at one point or other and my hillbilly neighbors hunt black bear with them. a mk2 is in my ghb, and several stashed. that said i go nowhere w/out my ruger lcr in my pocket and normally have a 45acp in the truck for the 2 legged beasts. theres a beltfed 1919 for the zombie hoards:)(actually just because i always wanted one), and a fifty bolt gun for the errant stolen bulldozer(there are 3 dozers w/in 5 miles of my retreat). a dozer can ruin your retreat day. i have plenty of others but they are just nice-to-have, not required for survival. i mean 30-06 for bambi's? come on guys, fess up, are we compensating for something there?

    1. Good choices,all! Gotta love the 1919 and that .50 will ruin a looter's day if he is playing tanker on a Cat!


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