Prepper Blogs Crossover Questions, Part 5 of 5

National Preparedness Month Wrap Up Event

I'm excited to be a part of a program this week where each day, a group of bloggers will answer a particular prepping question, and link to each others' sites so that our readers can compare our answers and be exposed to other ideas. We also invite our readers to participate by answering the day's question in the blog comments section.

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Sit down, strap in, and please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle... Enjoy the ride!

Friday's Question:

What are your plans for Dec. 21, 2012?

I'm going to party like it's 1999...?  I've done quite a few posts about 12/31/1999.  I spent the evening and early morning hours on duty with my small town police department, listening to the shortwave, riding two deep in my war wagon (minivan) and waiting for the looting to begin at the Food Lion.

For Dec. 21 this year... I'm not doing a thing any different than normal.  The way I figure it, The Mayans had to end their calendar somewhere, they simply did it on a solstice.  There is a cartoon around the internet of two Mayans carving the calendar and saying something like, "I'm tired of carving, I think I'll stop here.  That ought to really freak people out in the future."

According to the ancient Hallmarkians, who produced my 2011 "funny kittens" calendar, the world should have ended on Jan. 31, 2012.

If the world truly is going to end on 12/21, there ain't a durn thing we can do to prepare for that.  Otherwise, life goes on and we've got economic downturns, pandemics, and mutant biker zombies to worry about.

I hope you've enjoyed this crossover with the other blogs and that you have found some new resources on the net with them.  I've enjoyed doing it and thank them for including me!

What are YOUR plans for Dec. 21, 2012?


  1. thats a friday, so what else? drink a beer or six:)

    1. I'll lift a glass of Sam Adams and share a long distance toast to a better 2013 with you!

  2. I will be getting ready to enjoy the Christmas holiday (That's right I said CHRISTMAS, not winter holiday) with family and friends.

    1. I hope you and yours have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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