TV Review: Revolution

I'm Not Sure Yet

Have you caught Revolution yet on NBC?  Over the past two nights we've watched the first two episodes on Hulu.com.

Remember that "Scary Movie" series where they took all the memorable things from all the horror movies over the past few years and used them for humor?  I see tons of post-Apocalyptic movies that have influenced the Revolution folks.
  • Jericho - the ongoing back story and mystery people and messages that we just see or hear bits and pieces of
  • The Postman - the way the militia ride into town
  • Waterworld - some of the city shots with flooding
  • Planet of the Apes - the outfits of the militia, the way they used slave labor to pull the wagons
  • Hunger Games - the whole bow and arrow thing, in the first scene, the teacher tells a group of kids, "I know this isn't as cool as bow hunting."
At the end of the first episode, we find out that the uncle and his friend were Marine Corps Sergeants, stationed at Parris Island.  That implies they were drill instructors... but they sure had long hair and really didn't look the part.

It really shows the results of gun control.

Logically, it is hard to wrap my head around all electricity going away.  Even an EMP wouldn't take out things like flashlights and old Model T Fords.

I'm going to keep watching for a few more weeks to see if I get hooked or not.

What do you think of Revolution?


  1. I think its great. It is a little corny at times, and some of the filmography is a little choppy and special effects are, well, special, in some cases - but overall I like it. If you haven't read Dies The Fire, you should - this is like a combination of that book and some of the ones you listed.

  2. there isn't a lot of network tv that i watch show wise. but i watched the three shows so far last weeks hook at the end and this weeks hook just have me wishing it was next monday all ready. i'm going to watch until it get to hoocky and it will. it's the network way.

  3. So far, the show has captured the attention of the nestmate and me, although we were very strong fans of Jericho. Trying to not compare this new series to the latter will be difficult at best as Jericho was a well-thought out it its displayed post-nuclear war series.

    With that in mind, I believe it’s safe to say all made for TV series will not live up to the expectations but then again, it’s TV. For me, I’m having a hard time warming up to Charlie’s character. Her naïve thought-process combined with her stubbornness of facing reality in a post-apocalyptic environment makes her character all the more cheesy.

    The other part that makes it hard for me to accept is the “cleanliness” surrounding everyone living in a throw-back civilization. Such great hair and clean-shaven faces sure makes me wonder about the producer’s thought process that hygiene wouldn’t truly be an issue in such a scenario. Not to mentioned the many lost opportunities to squander acquisition of weapons while at the same time, wasting valuable ammo on soldiers, rather than taking out the commands of the militia squad. Speaking of militia’s…..notice how “they” are the bad guys…..

    Let’s just say there seems to exist a stench of liberal bias within the series thus far…..we’ll keep watching, but I don’t expect much…..

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  4. Like many I was expecting more of a "LOST" reality in that people actually seemed dirty and desperate but the more I think about it, prior to electricity, people could still bathe and wash their hair. Soap is not hard to make and not all razors require electricity. The show is young yet, so many complaints about steam engines (where are they) and other technologies may pan out with time. My only real complaint is that I think they're moving very fast - in terms of story and actual geographic distance. I think they are doing it on purpose because today's audience needs to be constantly entertained and any lapse in action seems to bore people.

    I'm DVRing and we'll see. I'm not expecting Jericho. I'm also giving the new series Last Resort a chance too.

  5. I think most agree... it's pretty good network fare, but not going to change the world. I would be interested to see if fans decode what scrolls across the computer screen in the attic.

  6. Considering the fact that the EMP threat has been known to exist since 1963, It seems to me that it is just a matter of time before a country or other entity uses some of that 1960’s high technology over the a country of one of their enemies. If ever there was the motivation to prepare for disaster it is now. I sincerely hope this will be a starting point for many:




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