Preparedness Town Hall

Getting The Word Out

Last week, our state delegate sponsored a Preparedness Town Hall at one of the local fire houses.  I was invited to set up a static display.  Other displayers included government entities like the state department of emergency management, the fire department, the sheriff's office and the extension service.  Also represented were the local power, phone and cable companies, along with a Thrive food consultant and me.  There were about 75-100 citizens there, and they had two speaker panels.  The first was members of our county board of supervisors, the county emergency management coordinator, and the chief deputy from the sheriff's office.  They spoke about the county's role in an emergency.  Next up were the reps from power, phone and cable talking about how they go about restoring service and setting priorities.  Finally, the state EM department spoke about the state's role and then the outreach coordinator spoke about some very basic preparedness.

On my table, I had a Berkey water filter and some Wise foods from our sponsor, www.Directive21.com; a Survival Straw and Survival Seed vault from our newest sponsor (so new they haven't gotten graphics to me yet), www.MyPatriotSupply.com; a selection of survival, preparedness and homesteading books; and a flier I made up offering some preparedness quick tips for folks.  The highlight was that I had a mason jar full of frog pond water and was demonstrating the Survival Straw.  I bet I could have sold a couple dozen if I had them there.  Quite a few folks came up and asked questions and talked about their own preparedness efforts.  It is really spreading around here, which is a great thing.  I was glad to see a couple of readers came by, and hope I got some new readers out of it too.

All in all, it was a good event, and I appreciate Delegate Chris Peace for putting it on and inviting me.

I'd really encourage you to suggest such an event to your local government reps.  The more that are prepared, the better we will all be... If It Hits The Fan.

Just Ordered Founders by J.W. Rawles

Thanks to everyone who uses my Amazon links to make purchases from Amazon and gets me a small commission, I just used my most recent commission credits to order a copy of James Wesley, Rawles' latest novel, Founders - A Novel of the Coming Collapse.  I'm looking forward to reading it and writing up a review for you soon.

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