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Product Review: B&M Canned Brown Bread with Raisins

Canned bread?  You betcha!  I vaguely remember as a kid getting a pound cake in a soup-sized can for a rare treat maybe around Christmas?  Anyone else remember this product from the 70s?  Anyway, I've seen this canned bread at the store and been wanting to try it, but just never got around to it.  I finally picked up a can last night and had a few slices with chili for dinner.

It was DELICIOUS!  It would be great to add to your long-term food storage and rotations.  Going by the stamp on the can, it has a three-year shelf life, but I'd certainly feel good about eating it much older than that if it was stored in good conditions.  It has corn products in it, so it surely has GMO corn, but it has NO high fructose corn syrup.  I made three slices, maybe a centimeter or so think, toasted them up, and spread on some butter.  Delicious! It had a nice crisp outside, and moist bread inside.  The raisins made for a really nice flavor and texture.  I could see putting a couple of dozen cans in the pantry, then rotating through them periodically.  During regular times, it makes for a nice addition to a soup or other "bowl" meal, and during bad times, it would be a nice comfort food or treat.  They also have a plain brown bread with no raisins, but I haven't tried them.  At my local store, I paid $2.89, and Amazon has them in 12 packs for $36.  It would be a little cheaper if you went with their monthly program.


  1. B&M, the maker of baked beans, makes this bread to go with the baked beans. It is an old New England dinner - I think Saturday night. As a kid we had it about once a month - cheap, filling and we all liked it!

  2. As a kid, ours was always a rare treat served with cream cheese. Later, it was camping and weekend excursion fare with the beans and brown bread. Hard to beat for flavor with some reasonable nutrition attached. Not happy to realize it likley has the GMO corn...


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