Veterans' Day Tribute

Family Tradition

I want to take a moment to recognize my family members who have served our nation over the past 100 years.

Mexican Punitive Expeditions
Great Great Uncle Dudy Pace, Virginia Militia
Great Grandfather Jimmy Wells, Virginia Militia

World War II
Grandfather Monroe Wells, Army Air Corps
Great Uncle Bill Flournoy, Army
Great Uncle Norm Donart, Army
Step Dad Paul Fleming, Navy

Cold War
Dad Gary Green, Washington National Guard
Uncle John Wilson, Army
Uncle Jim Wells, Army Reserve
Cousin Jason Donart, Marine Corps

Cold War/Persian Gulf War
Me, Marine Corps Reserve

Global War on Terror
Nephew Patrick Fleming, Army

To all veterans, peacetime and war, active or reserve, thank you.

Gun Show Report

Went to the Richmond Gun Show with my neighbor yesterday at the NASCAR track.  The parking lot was full and the show was crowded, as I expected.  But once we got in and started looking around, I noticed that it was not the post-election feeding frenzy that I expected.  There were ARs, AKs and pistols in every configuration and price range readily available.  Magazines were abundant, and prices have not yet started climbing (TAPCO AK mags for 6.95, factory Glock 18 mags for 29.99, MAGPUL AR mags for 12-14).

Ammo was available by the case lot in pistol calibers, but you had to look around to find it in rifle calibers.

Probably the most noticeable thing was the lack of people walking around with guns for sale.  Normally, there are a bunch of guys wandering the aisles with a rifle or shotgun slung over their shoulder with a for sale sign on a dowel rod sticking out of the barrel.  There were not many of those at all.  Seems like people want to keep what they have.  However, I was one of them... more on that later.

The only thing that I bought was a Swedish Mora knife.  I got the carbon steel blade with the OD/black synthetic grip.  I've been wanting one for a long time and was happy to find it for $20.  The Mora is probably the best general purpose knife you can get for that low of a price.  It shaved my arm closer than a three-blade Gillette razor.  Although, as I now see, I could have gotten it cheaper on Amazon!

Rifle For Sale

I need to make some adjustments in the gun safe.  I've got a PTR91, which is the American made clone of the venerable HK91/G3 main battle rifle in .308/7.62x51.  It is made with many HK parts, and a chrome lined match grade barrel.  This one has the 18" barrel and the aluminum foreend capable of taking rails and other attachments.  It is like new, less than 100 rounds through it, and for $2150 I'm including over 1,000 rounds of ammo and 26 very nice surplus magazines for it.  I'll make that deal face to face with a Virginia resident and will meet you anywhere in the area bordered by Charlottesville, Fredericksburg and Hampton.  If you are not a Va. resident, I'll send you the magazines and send the rifle to your local FFL dealer, for $1,400 (includes the shipping costs).  Shoot me an email here if you are interested and want pics or anything.

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