Connecticut School Killings

I Have A Heavy Heart

Most of you know that my profession is in school safety.  Today's attack in Connecticut has hit me harder than other school shootings.  I imagine it is because of the age of the victims.

Many parents, grandparents, and even teachers will feel impotent and powerless.  They won't know how to talk to their kids or if their schools' plans are any good.  Preppers especially may have problems as all the preps in the basement and your 72 hour kit in the car won't do any good to protect your small child at school.

I encourage you to listen to my interview on The Survival Podcast from back in September: Episode 983 - Preparing Your Children for School Emergencies.  Pass the link on to friends and family who may be having the same feelings of helplessness about today's attack.

Please pray for the victims, their families, the witnesses and first responders if you are so inclined.  If not, please send warm and safe thoughts their ways.  If you have kids, hold them a little tighter and a little longer tonight.

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