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Interesting Blog

I recently came across an interesting blog by Eric Smith, entitled Business Karate.  Eric and I share the CPP certification and in addition to books for the security management professional, he writes this blog that has some great information on crime prevention and personal safety.  He doesn't post very often, but he's got some good stuff there.  It is worth adding to your bookmarks.

Big Bunny

On a couple of the past evenings, I've seen a giant cottontail in the back yard.  Louis the wonder dog is just starting to heal from his torn ACL, so he is not going out unattended yet.  I don't want him tearing off after the rabbit, and that thing is so big, (and Louis is only about 18 lbs) I don't want them fighting and it tearing him up with its claws.  I swear I have never seen a wild rabbit this big in these parts.  I need to hurry up and get the .22 Savage finished and the scope zeroed.

Totally Off Topic

I am becoming more and more a fan of Steampunk.  Not everything can be about prepping, and stupid, pointless hobbies are good for giving the brain a rest.  I dig the styles and the stories, as well as the variety.  I think a Steampunk Darth Vader outfit might be just the ticket for a side project.  Yes, I do have a bit of the nerd in me.

13 Skills

A couple of weeks ago I made a post with an old article about the importance of having a variety of skills and mentioned that Jack at The Survival Podcast was starting a program called 13 in 13 to encourage people to learn 13 new skills in 2013.  He has that website up and running now and it is a really cool execution of the idea.  I'll be signing up soon and listing the 13 skills I want to learn next year.  Consider joining me on the ride.

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