Political Prepping

You might think that this post is going to be about the riots surrounding the inauguration in DC last night and today.  But no.  Other than staying the heck away (Don't go to stupid places with stupid people and do stupid things - Bryan Black), there is not a whole lot to prep for with something like that.

This is about reaching out to your elected servants (I hate calling them elected leaders or officials - they are there to serve us, their employers) and telling them what is important to you.

This past Monday was the traditional Lobby Day for the Virginia General Assembly.  Every year, interest groups and individuals converge on the state capital to tell their elected servants what issues are important to them and how they want their servants to vote.  This year, as I have on many other years, I was there with the Virginia Citizens Defense League, advocating for 2nd Amendment rights.  There were between 750 and 1,000 people wearing bright orange "Guns Save Lives" stickers circulating in the halls, meeting with delegates and senators, and then gathering on the capital lawn for a rally with political speakers.  This year's speakers were candidates for Attorney General, Lt. Governor, and Governor for this year's election.  Also Congressman Dave Brat was there speaking about the fight in Washington.  Nearly everyone was carrying loaded firearms, and many of the speakers commented how they were in the safest spot in Virginia right then.

Other interest groups I saw included hemophilia, alternative fuel toll road discounts, special education, motorcyclists, and of course, the anti gun people.  I'm sure there were many other points of view represented.

It is always great to be a part of Lobby Day and joining in with others for a day of fellowship and making our voices heard.  But one day is not enough.  The people in that building work for me.  If I don't tell them what I think, how will they know.  I have my state delegate, senator, AG, Lt. Gov. and Gov. phone numbers and emails stored in my phone.  I have my US representative and senators in my phone also.  Anytime I get wind of a bill that affects or interests me I call and/or email them.  I know that I waste my efforts on Kaine and Warner in the US Senate... they are opposed to everything I stand for, but it is my duty as their employer to tell them what I want and then work to ensure they lose their jobs in the future.

Even if you do not vote, you are still a tax payer and those people still work for you.  Whatever issue concerns you, let them know.  Guns, farming, home schooling, big-pharma... anything that you want them to vote a certain way on... they won't know unless you tell them.  And THEY WORK FOR YOU.

This website can get you contact information for everyone from your local elected board of supervisors or city council all the way up to the president: https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials

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