Product Review Video: Pathfinder Search and Rescue Tarp

Please go to the link above to watch our new YouTube video of a review of the Pathfinder Search and Rescue Tarp.  The tarp is very well made of a sturdy, but lightweight ripstop material with reflective edges, loops, and corner Pathfinder logos.  It is a great item to have in your day pack to provide shelter and aid in your rescue if your hike in the woods turns in to an unexpected camping trip due to getting lost or injured.

The tarp is $139.99 and is available from Self Reliance Outfitters

If you order one, please tell them that you heard about it here.


The sunny south is snowed it.  At my home in rural, central Virginia, today we got 11" of snow, and the temperature was in the mid-20s for most of the day.  The snow has stopped, but tonight it will get down in the low teens, not get above freezing Sunday or Monday, and be single digits Sunday night and in the teens Monday night.  Not a big deal for some parts of the country, but things will be shut down here for several days, at least until we get in the 50s and 60s later in the week.  Glad we have plenty of supplies laid in so we avoided the rush for bread, eggs and milk with everyone else on Friday! ;)

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