What Magazines am I Reading These Days?

Call me old school (or old skool if you are hip and trendy...) but I still really enjoy a magazine rather than reading "e-zines" and what not.  The one downfall to magazines is that I want to save them all because "I'm going to want to use the info in that article again someday."  As a result, I save magazines and fill up boxes and bags, then about 10 years later I get frustrated with all the storage space getting taken up, and I throw a bunch of them out.  I need to start cutting out articles and filing them by subject.  But I don't know that I will ever be that organized.

Anyway, what do I read on a regular basis that might be of interest to you?

Mother Earth News: Great information on sustainable living, homesteading, gardening, cooking, with a left wing point of view.  If you can get past the politics or if those politics are also yours, this is a great magazine.

Backwoods Home: Similar types of information that is in Mother Earth News, but with a libertarian point of view.   Again, if you can get past the politics or if those politics are also yours, this is a great magazine.  The first thing I always turn to is the "Irreverent Joke Page."  They have recently spun off another magazine, Self Reliance, but I have not yet tried that one.

Backwoodsman: I love this magazine.  It reminds me of the metal detecting and old west magazines from the 50s and 60s, with a lot of the articles written by readers about their personal experiences.  It has a very homey feel to it.  The articles focus a lot on primitive living skills, improvised hunting and fishing, shelters, and homestyle foods.  In addition to the reader-written articles, they also have articles by well-known survival and preparedness writers.

American Frontiersman: It only comes out twice a year, but this is a nice magazine with lots of information on primitive and wilderness skills, living off the land, and product reviews.

In the past few years, since If It Hits The Fan has been on hiatus, my interests have shifted some.  I'm not really concerned about the Red Dawn/FEMA Camp/Zombie Apocalypse, but I really want to focus more on general preparedness and sustainability, with more "dirt time."  I think these magazines are giving me inspiration and information that guide me down that path.

What are some of your favorite mags?  Please share in the comments section.

The Weather Outside is Frightful...

We ended up with 11 inches of snow here on Saturday.  There was some radient melting on Sunday, but the temp never broke the mid 20s.  Last night we had record cold of 0, beating the 1 degree record that was set in 1940.  Today (Monday) it might hit 30, and down in the teens tonight.  Looking forward to the expected sunny and mid-60s on Thursday and Friday!


  1. My favorite used to be Solider of Fortune.I started reading them when I was 10. The Hot spots around the world, gun reviews and the classifieds. Unfortunately they have stopped doing print issues.
    Backwoodsman is a great one as well. Lots of useful info in that.

    1. Used to love SOF. Got a letter to the editor published once in the mid 90s

  2. I've been reading Mother Earth news since my Dad brought it home when I was a teenager. I hoard issues too.


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