I got a speaking gig coming up...

I got word this week that I've been accepted to be a speaker at the Virginia state Search and Rescue Conference in April.  I'll be presenting on the 10Cs of Wilderness Survival Adapted for Search and Rescue.  I'm taking the 10Cs that Dave Canterbury teaches and adapting them and adding 3 more Cs.  Cool thing is I got Dave's permission to use his ideas.

As I put it in my proposal, I don't have any SAR experience, but I've camped in all weather conditions, studied the principles under Dave, and I once spent 2 1/2 months never setting foot in a building.  So I have that going for me.

This looks like it should be a really interesting conference.  I'm looking forward to speaking and to learning from the other presenters.

If you are interested, the website is www.VaSARConf.org.

They haven't got me listed yet, but I'll be on Saturday, Apr. 22.

On a side note, I got my 72 Jeep Commando running today.  It sat in the garage tent all winter, so I had to charge the battery and use some starter fluid.

I also worked on polishing up an old Colt Trooper III that I swapped for a few years ago.  The finish was awful and it had some rust, but a really nice trigger pull and tight lock up.  Over Christmas, I soaked it in a rust eating acid bath that got it down to bare metal.  It also ate the springs, so I have some new ones that I need to put in it.  Anyway, it has a little light pitting, so I'm working on polishing and smoothing it.  The end goal is to get it nickel plated and make it my Sunday-Go-To-Meeting gun.  The grips were completely shot, and my wife gave me some old school Pachmayrs for it.  Eventually I'll give a full report on the end product.

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