Building an Axe Mask/Sheath/Cover

I was pretty productive around the old homestead today.  I got my Cold Steel Trail Boss axe on Friday.  First thing, I sharpened it up with a two-sided stone, and got it pretty good.  Next up, I needed a cover for it so I could carry it safely attached to my pack, and to protect the head.  I decided on a basic mask, inspired by the one Dave Canterbury shows in his book, Bushcraft 101.  I made it a little more snazzy with an antler button and used red 550 cord for the lacing.  Check out my video of it here: Making a Mask for an Axe.


Ever heard of BushFit?  Dave Canterbury (seeing a trend here?) started the idea about a couple weeks ago of the 5x5 BushFit Challenge.  That's hiking 5K with a 50 lb. pack, in under 50 minutes, followed by 50 pushups and 50 situps.  I'm starting way behind the 8 ball on this, but I am going to get there.  I'm tracking my goals and progress at www.BushFit.blogspot.com if you are interested in following along or working toward it yourself.  But I digress...  Today I cleared the old logging trail on the back part of my property today.  It's part of my hiking path.  I have a short video giving a tour of the trail and talking about the BushFit challenge here: Clearing my BushFit trail.

To wrap up the day, how about a Sunday Funny?  You've probably seen the internet meme of the special bacon and 00 Buck ISIS hunting load.  If you look close, you'll notice that the round shown is not 00 Buck, and it is using what looks like polishing media instead of bacon as the buffer.  I made my own bacon and 00 Buck load today and have the video of it here: ISIS Ammo.

Have a great week!

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