Product Review: 120 Lumens LED Headlamp

It's simple... I am super impressed with this headlamp.  I can't believe the quality for the price.

I needed a couple extra headlamps for some car bags and my hiking pack.  I found this one on Amazon and it had good reviews.  It also had a great price: $9.99.

I went ahead and ordered four of them.  I've been messing around with one for a few days, and it is fantastic.  It has four modes: very bright, less bright, red solid, and flashing red.  It comes with three AAA batteries.  It is bright as all get out.  Twice I've been fiddling with it and turned it on when I was looking right at it.  Try to avoid that.  In pitch blackness, I can easily identify a person by my garage tent, about 100 feet from the back door of the house.  I used it when I cooked on the grill last night in the dark, and it was comfortable, lightweight, and made it easy to complete the task.

Turned on very bright, I left the light on for about 20 hours.  It was still showing a little light - enough to read a map by.  And these were the cheapo batteries it came with.

It is a bright green color, making it easy to find in a pack or something.  It's LED, so no bulbs to burn out and they don't use much power.  And, it's water proof (although I don't know to how deep).

I highly recommend this headlamp for your home, car, and pack.

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