A Day At The Auction

I went to my first farm/estate auction today.  It was brutally hot, and I didn't get the rocking chair I wanted, but I did get some great stuff.  Vented gas cans, never used...  USMC Jerry cans, never used... a wonderful Columbian vise... some garden tools... a cowbell... and a few other things.

My best finds were a $5 box that had an old coal miners acetylene torch hat, that looks like it may still be functional, and a 110 lb Columbian anvil that is in great shape.  Near as I can tell, I think it was made sometime before 1925.  I've been wanting to try blacksmithing, and now I have a great way to start.  It only cost me $75, and it would probably have sold for closer to $200 with the right crowd.

Anyway, I'm posting a YouTube video about my auction finds.  I'll come back tomorrow with the link.

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