Unusual Disaster

This past Saturday I was in Appomattox (where Lee surrendered to Grant) for the state Search & Rescue conference.  If I hadn't gone there, I was thinking of going up to Colonial Beach, Va. for a Jeep cruise in thing.  I was going to drive my 72 Commando up and drive on the Potomac River beach with Jeeps from WWII restorations to the latest and greatest.

We had some crazy weather come through over the course of the weekend.  Colonial Beach got hammered Friday evening.

The small town had roads blocked, houses and businesses destroyed, and a nighttime curfew in place.

They are still cleaning up.

Around here we expect late summer/early fall hurricanes and winter ice storms.  These out of season freak storms can be devastating, especially for those not prepared.

Just some quick thoughts...  Keep that blackout kit handy year round.  Check your generator once a month.  Keep your gutters clean.  Maintain that 72 hour kit - go through it a couple times a year.  Have an evacuation plan with family bug out bags and emergency document copies ready to go.  Disasters can and do hit any time.

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  1. Solid copy Dr. Green!! Great advice as always and simple...the VERY best kind. Had a man who must remain nameless tell me the other day..."we don't do anything fancy, we just do the fundamentals better than anyone else"... KISS is always the mantra!


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