Against The Wind Feb. 8, 2011

It's Not Too Early

Seems like that here in the Mid-Atlantic, we just finished Hurricane Season not too long ago.  It officially runs from June 1 to November 30.  It will be back before we know it.

I came across a free publication from the Red Cross, FEMA, The Home Depot, NAHB, and GEMA entitled: Against The Wind: Protecting Your Home From Hurricane Wind Damage.  It's a quick, 8-page read, and gives a few things to think about.  It covers reinforcing your roof, double entry doors, double-wide garage doors, and plywood storm shutter construction.

If you live in the area like we do, now is a great time to work on some of these improvements.  We just have a small crawl space into the rafter area of our house, and frankly, I've never been up there.  I have no idea how sturdy our trusses are or if they have any reinforcement.  I'll crawl up there this weekend and see what I can do.  I'd much rather work in an attic area when it is cold than in the summer when it is sweltering up there.

If you are in a hurricane-prone area, I encourage you to download the booklet and see if any of it might work for your home.

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