Do You Habla? Feb. 9, 2011

Free Survival Spanish Lessons

I found a link today to a free on-line training course for Law Enforcement Spanish from the National Institute for Justice.  "But I'm not a cop," you might be saying.  That might be true, but if there is a large Hispanic population near your home or retreat, and It Hits The Fan, then it might be good to be able to give basic commands and ask questions...

No se mueva!   Don't move!

Muéstrame tus manos!    Show me your hands!

¿Cuántos otros hay?     How many others are there?

¿Necesita atención médica?     Do you need medical attention?

Yo te puedo ayudar.     I can help you.

The class starts with the basics.  The alphabet, numbers, days and months.  It proceeds in later lessons to interviews, motor vehicles and crime scenes before ending with a test.  It uses audio to help you learn pronunciation and short quizzes throughout to reinforce each lesson.  I haven't had Spanish since 1985, but much of it has started coming back to me.

Although it is presented as being for law enforcement, anyone can take the class.  Your tax dollars paid for it, you may as well take advantage of it. 

Thrifty Prepper Challenge

I went to the DAV thrift store this afternoon with the goal of spending my $10.  I found nothing.  I considered buying a very heavy duty ratchet strap for $2.99, but I passed, and another guy picked it up while I was still there.  There was also a nice external frame backpack for $4.99, but I did not need one.  So, in light of my sad visit, I'm extending the contest through the end of February.  That gives you plenty of time to shop around.  The stock at those stores is constantly changing, and you can check different stores.  I'll even allow multiple entries from the same person, but only if they are from different stores.

Support If It Hits The Fan

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