First Of The Month

It's the first of the month, have you...

Test run your generator?
Rotated you gasoline stores?
Tested your smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors?
Checked your household and vehicle fire extinguishers?
Given your dog his heart worm pill and flea/tick treatment?
Changed your HVAC filters?
Test run all your small engine equipment?

I forgot to post this list for June 1st, and wouldn't you know it, I also forgot to do a few of the tasks myself.  I hope some of you use the reminders, but they are just as much to remind me.

More Gear For Pathfinder School

We went out to Blue Ridge Mountain Sports, back to REI, and to Bass Pro Shops to get the last bit of gear for school next week.  Here's what I got:
Suunto MCB-B compass with a sighting mirror
Peterson Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants (Eastern)
Smartwool PhD socks
Mountain House Scrambled Eggs w/ Bacon
Mountain House Granola w/ Milk & Blueberries
Cliff CRUNCH Granola Bars Chocolate Chip - 10 pack
Cliff CRUNCH Granola Bars Peanut Butter - 10 pack

I also picked up a cool tan 550 cord bracelet.  I have no idea how much cord is woven on it, but I'd guess about 10-12 feet that I can have with me at all times.

A reader asked if I could put out the gear list...  Here's the basic recommended list:
Two cutting tools
Ferro cerium rod
Stainless steel water bottle or a canteen & canteen cup
Tarp or poncho, at least 8x8
Two 55 gallon drum liners
Sleeping bag or blanket (I'll have the bedroll my wife's making me)
100' of 550 cord
Two 36" bungee cords
A 3'x3' cotton material or bandanna (I'll use a GI sling from a FA kit and a square of muslin)
Headlamp with spare batteries
Compass with bezel ring and sighting mirror
50' of 2" duct tape
Repair needle
Dry bag with a 5 to 10 liter capacity
Journal and 3 carpenter pencils
Bottle of 2% tincture of iodine
Clothes appropriate for weather
Medications for personal use or allergies including poison ivy (I got a bottle of Benedryl gel for the PI)
Food for meals and snacks

Should be fun!


  1. Sounds like you are about ready for your trip to SE Ohio. Don't be surprised by the terrain. It is pretty rugged for the east in some spots. I don't know exactly where you are going of course but enjoy your stay in my home state! When you get done why don't you post about the mirror compass. I can navigate with a compass but never understood using the mirror thing. Good luck!


  2. Robo,
    I'll take good notes, but no promises that I'll understand. Orienteering is one thing I never got the hang of in the service. I'm lucky I'm not still wandering around Quantico in a circle.

  3. Keep us posted after you come back. Share some of that cool knowledge that you will learn. Hope you have a very good time.

  4. d, got one to add to the 1st of the month checks: check cars air filters for mouse nest! both my trucks had nests,only couple months after i changed the filters. i put hardwarecloth over the intakes. should prevent, but darn mice are terrible this year.even made a nest in my genny muffler. makes me wonder what the animals know that we don't. good luck at the school. i need to do something like that to get my skills back up to speed.somebody ought to start one in Va.,bet it would do well. thought about starting a prepping consultant/sales business. seems like a lot of interest,and it pains me to see folks making costly mistakes.happy 4th.

  5. thanks for posting the gear list - interesting to compare to other "classes" and their gear lists... kinda makes you wonder or help think about what the pre-planned uses may be.

    now in canterbury's class - is this a maximum gear list? (i.e. do they limit what you carry?) as some survival classes really want to make sure you can survive with a minimum of gear.

    myself i'd probably try to bring a couple other types of edged tools and was wondering if dave would allow that etc?

    looking forward to hearing more about your upcoming trip.

    oh - have you tried the mountain house eggs yet? maybe the bacon will help but we always test items like that before we pack to make sure we will like it and can eat it etc - with the plain scrambled eggs multiple of us could not help but find a "fishy" taste to them.. (yeah trust me we had no idea why many of us were getting that kind of a taste in them) but overall we all really enjoy the mountain house brand stuff...


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