A Day Of Freebies

Sorry I missed putting up a post yesterday... I was sick as a dog with a bad cold that started hitting me on Wednesday and peaked Friday.  Two nights of NyQuil coma and I'm feeling much better today.

My Lucky Day

As I was driving home this afternoon from Christmas shopping, I was about a mile from the house when I saw some trash in the middle of the other lane.  A I passed it, my first thought was "hmm over sized AA batteries..." but then I realized, "nope, 20 gauge shot shells."  I turned around in the next driveway and came back to find that some hunter had lost a box of 20 gauge buckshot.  I found the torn up box, three rounds in perfect shape, and one that had been run over a couple times but looked still pretty good.  I don't actually have a 20 gauge shotgun, but my neighbor does, so it's really his lucky day.
On the home front, I found that the good folks at the post office had delivered a a copy of a new book from The Prepper Press, entitled Holding Your Ground, that they sent me to review for you.  At first glance, it looks like a really useful guidebook to adapting  military and tactical defensive measures and techniques to the home or survival retreat.  I'm really looking forward to reading it thoroughly and reporting back to you on it.

Your Lucky Day

I mentioned earlier that The Berkey Guy at Directive 21 had sent me a Sport Berkey Water Filter Bottle.  Here's your chance to win this great bottle that retails for $24.99.  I love my Sport Berkeys (Berkies?) and use it at work to keep myself hydrated with pure water, as well as keep one in my GHB in the Element for drinking creek or pond water if I have to hike home.  To win this bottle, simply post a direct link (right click on the title - A Day Of Freebies above - and select "Copy Shortcut" then paste it to post on your blog, Facebook page or in a forum discussion, then email me here giving me the link to where you posted it.  If you post it on all three locations, you'll get three entries, but putting it on three different forums or different FB pages or something like that will not count for extras.  I'll give it until 7 p.m. EST on Tuesday, Dec. 7th, then I'll draw a random winner from all the entries.  I'll put the winner's first name on here and send you an email... reply back with your mailing address and I'll get it right out to you.  Good Luck, and thanks for helping to spread the word about If It Hits The Fan!

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