Gun Show Extravaganza

Richmond Gun Show Visit

I went to the gun show today.  We have two different long running gun shows in this area, and we usually get probably 8-10 of them a year.  I haven't been in probably a year to a year and a half, so this was going to be interesting.  I didn't have anything in particular I was looking for, so it was really just sightseeing.  My neighbor, Billy, picked me up at a quarter to 10 this morning, and we got to the Showplace at about 10:10, right after they opened the doors.  The line was all the way down the sidewalk with folks waiting to get in.

After paying our $7 (we got $1 off coupons in the mail), we made our way in and began searching the tables.  You know the drill, start in one corner, moving up and down each row methodically so as not to miss anything.  There was plenty of ammo, magazines of all sorts (seems the Koreans are now making M1 carbine mags that look pretty good, but I haven't heard anything about functionality), a ton of Rossi lever action pistols ala Steve McQueen in Wanted: Dead or Alive for about $459, and more "black" guns that you can shake a stick at.  Every type of AR variant you can imagine was available in every price range.  There were tons of .22 caliber clones of ARs and HKs at reasonable prices.  Lots of combat style shotguns, including a couple of the very unusual Mossberg "Chainsaws."  There was the usual selection of jerkey and junky blowguns.  There were more coin dealers than I recall, even a few selling junk silver.  I did not see too many folks selling books like from Paladin Press and the "subversive" topics that I enjoy so much.  The crowd was jam packed when I left a couple hours later, and it looked like people were buying.  I ended up picking up some speed strips and a speed loader for my Colt Agent, and a GI sling for my AR.

I met up with Mike from Austere Provisions Company at the show.  Mike's got an interesting background and he brings that knowledge to APC and his selection of gear that he sells there.  Check out his shop and let him know that you heard about him here at If It Hits The Fan.

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