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Good News For Maryland Gun Owners

A U.S. District judge has ruled Maryland's law that requires a reason for a concealed weapons permit is unconstitutional.  Maryland is one of six states that requires a "good and just" reason for a law abiding citizen to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon.  The plaintif in this case had a permit after fighting off a home invader.  When he went to renew it, he was denied because he no longer had a good reason.  While I disagree with the position that a person needs a government permit to exercise a civil right, I accept the reality that most places do require the permits, and "shall issue" is the only way that should be.  Hopefully the Maryland legislature will do the right thing and get rid of the baseless regulations of "need."

Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

Folks in the San Francisco Bay area were awakened at 5:33 this morning by a 4.0 earthquake.  No damage or injuries were reported, but BART subways were shut down briefly so tracks could be inspected.  Something about this article impressed me.  They actually provided links to a couple of earthquake preparedness sites and to a gas company site showing how to turn off gas service after a quake. 

Underground In Alabama

With the Southeast getting clobbered by tornadoes over the past couple of years the sale and building of storm shelters has really taken off.  Alabama has been the number one state for tornadoes for the past two years... who'd a guessed?  The article talks about the pros and cons of in-house vs. back yard shelters.  Also, like the last article, it gives information for preppers and links to the FEMA guidelines for building safe rooms.

Sam's Prepper Foods

A friend sent me this link to a Sam's Club offering for a 30 day emergency food supply on sale for $82.88 with free shipping.  He asked if I thought it was a good deal or not.  Well, yes and no...  I think if you are reading this blog and are truly concerned about preparing for disaster, then you can do a lot better by shopping with my sponsors or any of the numerous long term storage food dealers.  This kit has a very limited menu selection, and is essentially carbohydrate mush of various flavors.  But, if you have a family member who won't do anything to prepare themselves, this could be a non-threatening gift just to give you a little peace of mind that they can get through a minor disruption.  "Gee, Aunt Sally, I know you think my prepping is crazy, but do me a favor and keep this bucket with 30 days of food, just in case.  I got it from Sam's Club; so how crazy could that be?"

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