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Rural Fire Districts Rock!

Long time readers know that we have some land in Wyoming, outside of Cheyenne, where we hope to move well before it becomes our retirement location.  It is a pretty rural location, with public safety served by a volunteer fire department.  We're on the monthly newsletter list, and periodically send in a donation.  This is the type of VFD that has potluck suppers, a scholarship program, and will take whatever level of assistance or volunteer time and skills that a person can provide. 

A couple of years ago, they bought some AED devices, trained up a couple of folks in each part of the district, built a weatherproof box at the edge of each area, and gave all residents the phone numbers to their trained neighbor.  The ambulance could be 30-45 minutes away, so if you are having chest pains, call your neighbor who will grab the AED and come running.  THAT is a community taking responsibility for itself for sure.

We got a postcard in the mail today announcing a free First Responder Basic Emergency Care Course.  No need to join the VFD.  No cost to the participants.  Simply a commitment to two nights a week for two months and the expectation that you'll use the skills to help yourself and your neighbors if the need arises.  It is truly a community supporting itself.  Won't find that around these parts.

If you are lucky enough to be served by a VFD, I encourage you to see what they do and what you can learn from them.  And don't forget to send 'em a few bucks when they do their fundraising.

BELLA Medical Ministries

BELLA stands for Believers Evangelizing through Lifesaving Leadership and Aid, but is named after the first little girl whose life they saved when they went to Haiti after the huge earthquake a couple years ago that killed over 300,000 people and left 2 million homeless. 

BELLA is led by Brandon and Jon-Erik, a couple of young paramedics who felt called to serve in disaster locations inside and outside of the US.  They are all around good guys.  Brandon has been interviewed on The Survival Podcast a couple of times and his stories are truly amazing.  They operate boots on the ground with minimal logistical support.  They are currently deploying to the tornado ravaged areas of Indiana and Kentucky.

I've had ShelterBox as the official charity of If It Hits The Fan for some time now, but it's time to change that to BELLA Medical Ministries.  I just made a donation here.  I challenge all my readers to donate some money if you can.  If you can't swing some money, they can also use MREs or prepared freeze dried foods like Thrive or Mountain House; sleeping bags and tents; water filtration equipment; and most especially, prayers.  If you make a donation (including keeping them in your prayers), please shoot them an email and let them know that you are a part of the If It Hits The Fan community and that we support them.

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