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My Brother

We went by this afternoon to visit him.  He has been moved from the regular part of the hospital to the rehab section.  The nurse that was checking him in and giving him the orientation would have made a fine Parris Island DI.  If all of them are like her, they will keep him jumping and moving and getting better.

If Civilization Were Destroyed Today...

Would John Thomas Rourke Be Able To Survive?  If you are a guy between 30 and 50, I'd bet you read those words on the cover of every novel in The Survivalist series by Jerry Ahern.  I'm a member of a fan group on Facebook that Jerry actually frequents.  A periodic topic of discussion is what current actors should play the characters from the series if it were ever to be made into a movie.

I recently put forth the idea of Colby Donaldson.  He matches the written descriptions of JTR, he's a gun guy in real life, he won Survivor, and the ladies dig him.  What do you think?

Silver Sell Off

I was talking with a friend today who follows commodities markets.  He noted that there was a sell off today at 2 p.m. of 675 million ounces of "paper silver" today which resulted in a 6.75% drop in spot price.  This Wall Street Journal article discusses it a little bit, but really doesn't give the reason for such a massive dump at one time.  Something to be concerned about?  I don't know.  A good dip to add more silver to your portfolio?  Maybe.  The only thing I know for sure is that tomorrow and Friday will be interesting in the silver market.

The Survival Podcast Interviews a Neighbor

Yesterday's episode of The Survival Podcast featured an interview with an attorney who is almost literally right around the corner from me.  Mark Mathews specializes in Estate Planning, Elder Law and Firearms Law among other things.  In the interview, he and Jack discussed estate planning and long term care planning.  In addition to being an attorney, he is also an NRA instructor and one of the founding 10 members of Appleseed Program.

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