Two Quick Thoughts


The only thing better than raising chickens is having great neighbors who raise chickens!  We've been chicken sitters this weekend for our neighbors and have welcomed the eggs, as well as enjoyed the personalities of the birds when I come to let them out in the morning or put them up at night.  Lots of fun!

Craftsman Plastic Rake

About nine years ago when we bought this place, I picked up a 30" plastic leaf rake from Sears for probably about $10 or so.  It breaks every couple of years, but with the Craftsman Forever Warranty, I just carry it on in to Sears and they hand me a new one.  Today I picked up my 4th or 5th one.  Best $10 I ever spent.  Of course, I have several metal rakes for after SHTF and Sears is where all the zombies hole up during the day.

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