Urban Gardening

The Community Garden

One of my alternative routes home takes me past the city community gardens. I stopped by today to take a closer look. The city has established the garden area for residents to have a 18x40 garden plot for only $20.

When I passed by this afternoon, there was an elderly couple, a family with three small children and a father with his two young teenage sons. It seems like a great use of open land at minimal cost to the city taxpayers.


The Rules

A Man, Outstanding In His Field


  1. I think that community gardens are vital space for those of us that don't have our own yards. I also like the fact that you are surrounded by people that can help you make your stuff grow. Great post.

  2. BVDD - It certainly builds community and cooperation. When I was there, the teenage boys walked past the elderly lady with a tray of tomato plants. She said, "those are some nice looking plants you boys have." One of the boys said, "thank you, ma'am, those are nice looking plants you have too." You don't hear that kind of interaction in many situations.


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