Life's Ceremonies After TEOTWAWKI

You Marryin' or Buryin'?

 An old timer that I used to know would always ask me that if he saw me in a suit.  I usually answered, "convictin'."  One time I had actually been to a mid-week, first thing in the morning, wedding and he thought that was as funny as could be.

If we get to a true TEOTWAWKI situation after an EMP or other major, world-altering event, what do we do with people dying, being born, or falling in love?  Some would say, stick 'em in the ground, raise them as best as you can, and shack up.  Others might have very deep religious beliefs and need a formal, specific ceremony to accompany these events.  Still others will fall somewhere in the middle.

Would a specific religious denomination be important?  In the military, chaplains have their denomination, but they are trained to perform ceremonies in all denominations.  Would the Catholic lay leader who lives down the block serve the needs for your whole community?  Could the Pentecostal preacher around the corner marry the young Jewish couple that fell in love?  Who would say words over the body of the atheist who got killed defending the neighborhood from brigands?  What about the "free thinker" who got an on-line ordination to perform his college roommate's wedding a few years back?  Would you let her baptise your baby?

If such concerns are important to you now, I'd bet they would be even more important to you after SHTF.  Just one more thing to think about in our preps.

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