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Don't Screw Around With An Old Veteran

How about this 92 year old WWII vet who heard three punks breaking in to his basement at 2:30 in the morning?  He grabbed his .22 rifle and waited in his living room.  When the first one breached the doorway, he took careful aim and plugged him right in the heard.  His two conspirators dragged away his body and fled the county.  Had this fellow not been armed, we probably never would have even heard about an old timer getting killed in the night.

Dishwasher News?

Well first off, who would have thunk than there was a website devoted to all things dishwashers?  As preppers, a lot of us like to find alternative uses for things.  Here's six different uses for your dishwasher (and I don't mean your 12 year old kid).  I'm particularly intrigued by the fish steamer...

Out of State Concealed Weapon Permit

Fox News had this article today about folks in other states getting Virginia CCW permits to carry in their own state.  Now as a Virginia resident I know that if I got, say, a Florida non-resident permit, I could not use it here.  It seems that several states, including Texas, don't have that same limitation on their residents.  According to the article, in Texas an applicant has to take a 10-15 hour course and fire a 50-round qualification.  Virginia has never required a qualification, and only started requiring a safety course when they went to "shall issue" probably 20 or so years ago.  A few years ago, our legislature authorized on-line training for the safety class.  Now, a person in Texas can avoid spending several hundred dollars for a training class, take a simple on-line course and pass a test for a Virginia permit, and be good to go.  Of course, now that the cat is out of the bag, I'm sure those states will change their laws to disallow residents from using non-resident permits from other states.

Free e-Book Offer

Our friends over at www.PrepperWebsite.com are offering a free e-book entitled, Education After The Collapse.  Here is their description:

I am excited to announce the release of my first ever ebook, Education After The Collapse. The book is a primer on educating elementary students in basic reading and math. However, the book also contains a fictional chapter, introduction to learning styles, a chapter on science topics and flashcards that can be printed out and used. Also, since the ebook is in pdf form, all the links that are provided are clickable to their respective websites.

Although the title refers to “collapse,” the strategies contained are relevant to any emergent reader and math student. These are skills that are being taught today and will continue to be used throughout history to teach students how to learn. Parents will find that they can benefit from reading this book now and applying these skills in a homework or even homeschool environment.

This looks like a great way to help youngsters today learn the basics, whether as homeschoolers or to supplement what they receive from government schools.  I'm going to pass it on to my SIL to help my 2nd grade nephew get a jump on his peers.

Three More Free e-Books - These Are On Surviving a Nuclear Disaster

This evening I connected on Twitter with the folks at AlertsUSA and Threat Journal.  AlertsUSA is a national threat and incident notification service for mobile devices.  Their Threat Journal is a free weekly newsletter that complements the mobile notification service.  I just signed up for the newsletter, and the cool thing is, that when you sign up for the newsletter, you also get three free e-books:
  • What To Do If A Nuclear Disaster Is Imminent
  • When An Ill Wind Blows From Afar (All About Fallout)
  • The Good News About Nuclear Destruction (It's Survivable)
I'm looking forward to reading these books and the newsletter.  The mobile notification service looks pretty useful.  On their main page, they have a few of their notifications over the past months.  One is for the nuclear plan about 55 miles from my house!

You can never have too much information.  I encourage you to check out the books from Threat Journal and Prepper Website!

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