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The Survival Podcast Interviewed Me

Many of you seeing this today are coming over from Jack Spirko and The Survival Podcast thanks to the interview with me that he just broadcasted, Preparing Your Child For School Emergencies.  If you have not heard it, you can listen here.

To give you an introduction to If It Hits The Fan, I thought it might be good to share some of my favorite posts over the past few years.

What Does Preparedness Mean To Me? (My very first post)

Is Prepping A Moral Imperative?

The Everyday BOV

My EDC Kit

The Buck Ron Hood Hoodlum knife and a custom sheath for it

My series about my trip to Dave Canterbury's Pathfinder School

Project EMP BOV

These are just a few that I really like.  I invite you to look around, leave some comments, and hopefully stick around as a regular reader.  If you use Facebook, please visit our page and like us, and check out my YouTube videos (I really need to get back to doing more of them - sounds like a good fall project).

I thank you for visiting, and I really want to thank Jack for interviewing me and for being a great spokesman in the preparedness movement!


  1. Very cool. Will go listen to the interview soon. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Really enjoyed the interview on TSP! Well done! Looking forward to keeping up with you here on your site. Thanks!

    1. Welcome to If It Hits The Fan and thanks for the kind words!


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