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What Gun Should You Get?

In response to the election, the most recent winner of Top Shot, Dustin Ellermann, just posted a link to a multi-part blog post he did about a year ago entitled "What Gun Should I Get?"  This is a great place to send your friends and family who might be ready to buy that first gun.

I also found this post he did about a legal way to convert an oil filter to a suppressor.  The crew in the video makes and sells an adapter to connect your threaded barrel to a standard automotive oil filter.  The adapter is what is registered and taxed ($200) by the BATF and you need to go through all of the rigmarole using a Class III dealer, but the adapter only costs $75.  Note: Do Not Try To Make Your Own Adapter Or Make A Silencer/Suppressor Without BATF Approval - It Is A FELONY!!

Dustin has some really good information on his Texas Fish&Game blog, and I encourage you to check it out.  He also seems like a genuinely good guy.

More On Why You Don't Want To Go To A Shelter

Last month I wrote a post about what it is actually like inside of a community disaster shelter.  This link from today's Drudge Report, is to an article looking at a NJ shelter that is little more than a refugee camp.

This article details how NY authorities are looking at reopening a closed prison to use as an emergency shelter... and the citizen they interviewed seemed like he'd be just hunky dory staying in a prison with his family.  I just don't understand.

Please encourage your family and friends to prepare so that they don't have to resort to living in a tent compound or a prison.

Prop 37

The other day I mentioned my support for Proposition 37 in California that would mandate food manufacturers to identify products that contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).  It was soundly defeated thanks to over $40 million in advertising and lies put out by Big AG and Big Pharma.  Here's an article from examiner.com that details which companies paid how much.  Why don't they want us to know about the GMO in our foods?

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  1. one thing i learned in bosnia: NEVER,EVER BECOME A REFUGEE!!! it has been repeated over and over again in african crapholes as well.


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