So, What's Next?

It's Time To Buckle Down And Get Serious

There are tough times ahead.  Get ready for inflation, further unemployment, gun control, higher taxes, and so on.

Here are some of my immediate suggestions...

1.  If you don't need it, sell it or donate it.  Go through those closets, the garage, the storage bins, and look for things that you don't have a use for, but that someone else might.  If it is worth something, get it on Craig's List, eBay or to the auction house.  Apply that money to debt, preps, precious metals or cash.  If it is not worth selling, donate it to charity and write it off your taxes.

To that end, we are selling our land in Wyoming.
Here's a link to the real estate agent's video
It's not great as a BOL, but would be very good for a bug-in home to live in in a safe area. It's 12+ acres, at the end of state-maintained gravel road in a subdivision of about 40 or so lots, all 8-15 acres, with only about a dozen houses built. You can see I-80, but not hear it. About 20 miles to the East is Cheyenne, and if the sun is right, you can see it glint on gold plated capitol dome. Looking off to the Southwest, you see the snow capped peaks of the mountains. It's just a few miles from Curt Gowdy state park and Veeduva national forest rock climbing area, both with miles of trails, off roading, and places to shoot. The next exit toward Cheyenne is a huge outdoor shooting range facility, and they just opened a municipal shooting facility on the other side of town. There is an Air Force base in town and a VA medical center if you are a retired veteran. We love the area and the people, but our life has changed, and we just don’t ever see us getting out there for good. The land is available for a steal, and we just lowered the price again. If you go to Cheyenne, go the historic Plains Hotel’s Capital Grill (Ted Kennedy once got drunk in there and fell off the bar stool trying to grab a waitress’s rear end) and have the Monte Cristo sandwich… best I’ve ever had.

2.  Build your preps, but don’t go into debt to do it. Cash is king. Cash is really king if you are buying guns face-to-face and off paper.

3.  Shut up. If you are known as being vocal about your dissatisfaction with the government, you’ll be on their radar. Same thing with your preps. If you are known as the “gun guy” or the “food storage lady,” they’ll know who to come looking for. I’m pretty much screwed.

4.  Don’t freak out. Yep, times are going to be tough. But that would be the case no matter who won yesterday. Think things through, discuss them with your spouse, and take deliberate action.

Going To The Gun Show?

If you are near central Virginia, we have the first post-election gun show at the NASCAR track this weekend.  I'll be there Saturday morning wearing an OD green boonie hat and a black & gray jacket with the If It Hits The Fan logo on it.  Watch the FB page if you want to meet up.

Got Ammo?

Another type of precious metal is brass and lead.  Bulk Ammo has a discount code for readers all month.  Use IIHTF at check out to save $10 off of any purchase over $100.  The code is good once per customer. 

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  1. Unfortunately the write off for donations sucks, but hopefully people can use the things others can't. I tend to keep items, especially clothing, forever.
    It was madness at the gun stores I visited today but I got my business handled and then some... but I saw a crap ton of panic buying.


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