Is Prepping a Moral Imperative?

Nasty Weather Even Without a Hurricane

I've spent much of the past day and a half dealing with Emergency Management in the city where I work to establish shelter operations for several apartment complexes that were flooded by a combination of heavy rain and high tide.

I think that far more people would take it upon themselves to prepare if they could get a look inside a public disaster shelter.  It's crowded.  People have varying levels of patience and understanding.  Hygiene is not at its best.  You have no privacy.  The person in the cot next to you might be an addict or alcoholic in withdrawl, a sex offender, or other undesirable.  If you get a cot, you might be one of the lucky ones.

I do understand that some people are unable, for what ever reason, to prepare on their own.  It is for those people, that the rest of us who are able-bodied and able-minded have what I believe is a moral obligation to prepare.  By being prepared, we free up limited public resources for those who can't.


  1. Good point! Totally agree - if you can you really must.

  2. I completely agree. It is morally right to prepare and plan so that we can aid our families and help others. I hadn't thought of it from the perspective of sapping public resources. Great point!

  3. Living in SW Florida, we were informed by our Emergency Preparedness Director that every 7 years 50% of our local population is new. Personally, I think in every New Homeowner's/Renter's packet should be concise instructions for storm prep. If only half of the newbies followed them it should reduce the number that would need public disaster shelter.

    1. Bellen, that is a pretty scary statistic when you think about it.

      I'd think that a great selling point for a homeowner would be a binder with local menus, contact info for the utilities and schools, owners manuals for appliances, AND information on storm and disaster prep for the area.


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